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Updated 18/02/2015

The hub of MotoParilla UK, navigate from here to all sections of the website 

Any news, articles for sale, pix of Parillas please contact me:

Webmaster @ Moto Parilla


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Dellorto PRC replica petrol taps

I've taken delivery of a small number of replica Dellorto PRC petrol taps

Good replicas of the original, hard-to-find Dellorto taps

 Follow this link:                        Dellorto PRC gas taps


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Moto Parilla 175/250 Hi Cam idler & cam spindles

Gary Emerson has made a batch of replacement cam & idler spindles for the high cam chain & gear drive engines. Usually worn in any old engine these are quality replacements made in EN36, case hardened & ground to size. UKú20.00 per pin plus P&P. Contact Gary direct:



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Safety notice for owners with early oil-damped hydraulic telescopic forks 

Follow this link:                        Fork failure


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New section for the Moto Parilla  Greyhound/Levriere scooter

The forerunner of most designs we would recognise today as a "scooter".

Please send your content to include.

Follow this link:                        Greyhound


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Updates to the engine rebuild section & a "translation of the Cosmopolitan Hi-cam workshop manual:

One way to nail together your  Parilla HiCam engine - yes it is possible to rebuild an engine.....If case polishing & unblued exhaust pipes are your thing then don't waste any valuable buffing opportunities by reading this.

No qualifications for writing this other than I've probably broken more Parilla parts than you & this might save you doing the same thing...maybe.

Usual disclaimers - basically - don't come complaining to me when  when it breaks

Follow this link:                        Spannering

Workshop manual:              Manual  

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So what is it worth?

Over the last 12 months my mailbag is full of people wanting to know about a bike on auction, a bike for sale on ebay, one they've seen in a dealers. Always the same questions so I've added a "valuations section". Or more correctly a "Moto Parilla" FAQ. Follow the link:

FAQs for highcam Moto Parillas


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250 Moto Parilla High Cam connecting rods by  Arrow  Precision & spares/conversions from Gary Emerson

Cranks rebuilt with Arrow connecting rodsA section devoted to the spares & conversions produced for the hicam engine by UK Precision Engineer & Moto Parilla enthusiast Gary Emerson

via this link:

 Moto Parilla engine spares



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